English Vocabulary Flash Cards: Phrasal verbs G

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get something across/over
  • communicate, make understandable
get along/on
  • like each other
get around
  • have mobility
get away
  • go on a vacation
get away with something
  • do without being noticed or punished
get back
  • return
get something back
  • receive something you had before
get back at someone
  • retaliate, take revenge
get back into something
  • become interested in something again
get on something
  • step onto a vehicle
get over something
  • recover from an illness, loss, difficulty
  • overcome a problem
get round to something
  • finally find time to do (N.Amer.: get around to something)
get together
  • meet (usually for social reasons)
get up
  • stand
  • get out of bed
give someone away
  • reveal hidden information about someone
  • take the bride to the altar
give something away
  • ruin a secret
  • give something to someone for free
give something back
  • return a borrowed item
give in
  • reluctantly stop fighting or arguing
give something out
  • give to many people (usually at no cost)
give something up
  • quit a habit
give up
  • stop trying
go after someone
  • follow someone
go after something
  • try to achieve something
go against someone
  • compete, oppose
grow apart
  • stop being friends over time
grow back
  • regrow
grow up
  • become an adult
grow out of something
  • get too big for
go without something
  • suffer lack or deprivation
go over
  • visit someone nearby
go over something
  • review
go out with someone
  • date
go out
  • leave home to go on a social event
go back
  • return to a place
go ahead
  • start, proceed
grow into something
  • grow big enough to fit